Every time your vehicle hits the pavement, it collects pollutants onto the paint.  Most of the time they cannot be seen with the naked eye but if not properly taken care of on a regular basis can cause "clear coat failure".  Your paint job is protected by a clear coat that can start to flake off, exposing the paint and discoloring it. 

Clay barring is a simple yet tedious service where a professional detailer will run a special clay across every inch of your vehicle.  The clay draws out, traps, and removes the contaminants from your vehicles surface.  

If you run your hand over your vehicles paint job and it doesn't feel completely smooth, a clay bar treatment should be on your maintenance request. 

After clay barring it's always important to protect your freshly decontaminated vehicle.  We provide an array of options for sealants that fit different budgets to ensure you drive out of our shop fully protected.

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Clay Bar

Car washing is something that everyone understands is necessary for keeping a vehicle looking good. However, even in this area we've found many people are still confused about the best way to wash their cars. We completely understand why you might confused, because there are many different ways of washing a car, and lots of confusing and contradicting information on the Internet.

Driving on a regular basis means that your car is exposed to road grime, tar, bugs, industrial fallout, and more.  Because the paint on your vehicle isn't completely sealed, it leaves microscopic holes for all of this to sit it and accumulate.  Without a consistent and thorough wash routine, these environmental elements could erode the paint, creating rust and lowering the lifespan of your vehicle.  

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Car washing

Bug Removal

Who knew those little creatures could wreak such havoc on your vehicle? It's true, bugs are a large reason for many issues with paint on a vehicle.  When bugs splatter, the acid can actually etch into the clear coat and break it down exposing the paint and metal to the outside elements. This creates a perfect environment for other debris to settle in and for rust to form.  This is why regular cleanings and decontaminations are crucial for the protection of your vehicles exterior. 

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