What most people don't realize about leather interiors is that they are actually quite durable.  Especially nowadays, leather seats are coated in protective plastic coating the same way that the exterior of your vehicle is coated. This coating actually makes the leather much easier to clean.  

When cleaning and conditioning leather seats properly, professional grade products are the only way to go.  Regular conditioners and cleaners that anyone can buy at the store are extremely watered down so it's nearly impossible to mess up the interiors of vehicles.  The biggest problem with that is it makes it very difficult to get a thorough cleaning that's worth spending your hard-earned dollars on. 

Here at Clean Slate Auto Salon we strive ourselves on only using the most premium quality professional grade products that our industry has to offer.  Always check with your detailer on which products they use to make sure you're getting the best results for your money.  

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Leather seat cleaning

Many people want to be a detailer but often overlook the actual details.  Interior car cleaning may seem like a very simple task, but more often than not, with all of the crevices involved, many spots get overlooked and completely missed.  Here at Clean Slate Auto Salon in Waterboro, Maine we pride ourselves on our system of checklists and inspections to ensure that your vehicles interior never has a spot missed.

In our over 20 years of experience in the detailing space, we found that some of the most overlooked areas of an interior cleaning are: door jams and seals, seatbelts, steering columns for telescopic steering wheels, gear box, emergency brake crevice, inside door handles, window seals, seat-back pockets, seat rails, hidden compartments in rear seats, rear view mirror, visors, and air vents. 

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dashboard, console, doors, and more

Cloth Seat cleaning

Oddly enough, with all the advancements in vehicle upholstery today, the more popular fabric is actually harder to clean than it used to be.  That's because the fabric itself is actual woven a lot tighter which makes it hard for dirt and stains that have set in, to be removed.  These seat typically require a carpet extractor and professional steam cleaner to remove most of the stains.  Regular interior maintenance is crucial on these type of seats to ensure no stains or dirt set in beyond removal.  To further protect your seats, we recommend getting the interior ceramic coated which provides a barrier between the cloth and any dirt or contaminants that may make their way onto your seats. Ceramic coating the interior of your vehicle makes it incredibly easy to wipe up stains or quickly vacuum any debris away.  

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