Ceramic coating is a thin, hard, glass-like layer that we apply to the different surfaces of your vehicle.  It bonds to the paint to prevent anything from penetrating and degrading it. 

On top of the protection that it provides, ceramic coating also adds that showroom shine to your vehicle, and keeps it there.  Because the surface of your vehicle becomes so smooth after ceramic coating, there are no micro-areas where dirt and debris can accumulate and cause dullness.

The best part of ceramic coating is that it is very low maintenance.  The ceramic itself lasts between 2-10 years depending on the package you choose.  It also provides a smooth layer for everything to just slip right off.  This allows a simple rinse-off with a garden hose to get your vehicle looking like you just got a full wash and wax. Saving you time, and money!

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Ceramic coating is the best way to protect your vehicle from the harsh weather of our beautiful coastal Maine towns. 

In the summer months we have salt water and sand from the beach and breezy air that eat away at the paint. When paint starts to break down, holes open up that allow debris to accumulate and rust to form.

In the winter months we have salt and sand to keep us safe on the roads from ice and snow.  Unfortunately those elements are not safe for the protection of our vehicles. 

Ceramic coating your vehicle is the most cost effective and least maintenance way to protect your vehicle from all of the elements.

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Why Get Ceramic Coating?

ceramic coating in southern maine

Ceramic Coating in the Winter

Although most people think of ceramic coating as a summer thing, it's actually the most beneficial in the winter months. Not only does it provide the protection from the harshest part of the year, it also allows us to save precious time.  

Nothing is worse in the winter than waking up early to scrape the ice and snow off your vehicle.  Since ceramic coating repels water, it doesn't allow for the ice and snow to accumulate nearly as much as it would without it.  This means more time in the morning, and less time for your car running to heat up.  Get some sleep, save some money on gas, and get ceramic coated.

How Does Ceramic Coating Work?

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Ceramic Coating Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does ceramic coating cost?

A: The cost on ceramic coating is all dependent on the size and condition of your vehicle, as well as the actual coating that you choose to have us apply.  New vehicles are generally the least expensive to ceramic coat because extensive cleaning and paint correction is not usually needed.  Vehicles are always thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated before all ceramic coatings.  To get a better idea of pricing, please check out our PRICING page.

Q: I keep seeing commercials for ceramic coating I can do myself, can't I just use that and save money?

A: While the at-home ceramic kits can work to an extent, they don't provide the same durability and protection as the professional grade ceramic we use in-shop.  The at-home ceramic coating kits  generally don't last more than a few months, as opposed to our professional grade products, where our shortest lifespan for a product is 2 years.  Most of our ceramic coatings also come with a manufacturer warranty as long as annual inspection and maintenance by us is performed. 

Q: What kind of maintenance is necessary for ceramic coating?

A: The best thing about ceramic coating your vehicle, is that maintenance is very simple.  Regular washing with a touchless car wash or hand wash is really all that's necessary to maintain the shine and protection.  An annual inspection and maintenance appointment in our shop is required by the manufacturer to keep the warranty valid.  During this appointment we will do a full decontamination wash to remove any excess iron particles and debris that your regular washes haven't been able to remove.  We will then apply a topcoat to further protect your investment. 

Q: Is ceramic coating just for the exterior paint?

A: Not at all! There are many different ceramic coating products that we offer to protect your entire vehicle. Our basic ceramic coating package includes just the exterior paint.  We do however offer options such as trim, wheel, glass, and interior coatings to make sure your vehicle is fully protected.

Q: Why should I get my windows ceramic coated?

A: Glass ceramic coatings are one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle and they provide, in our opinion, the most noticeable difference while driving.  The best part about getting your windshield and other windows ceramic coated is the hydrophobic properties.  Because ceramic coating repels water, any water or liquids that hit your glass, bead up, and slip right off.  This can increase the longevity of your windshield wipers too because you wont need to use them as often.  Rainy days and winter time are much easier to deal with when your windshield is ceramic coated.  During the winter, the snow slip right off reducing the ice that may form overnight saving you time and money in the morning by not running your car as long to melt everything off, and not waking up early to scrape off the windows. 

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