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window tinting in southern maine  

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Sleek Aesthetic

Nothing quite makes the aesthetic impact on your vehicle more than a professional window tint application.  Whether you're looking for an elegant and luxurious look, or a sporty and aggressive look, window tinting is the perfect solution to get the visual appeal you desire from your vehicle.  

interior protection

One of the best reasons to get your vehicle's windows tinted is the protection advantage.  Window tinting reduces the amount of UV rays that can penetrate your vehicle.  These rays can often cause fading to the interior including the upholstery or leather, and any plastics within such as the dashboard.  This fading can make your vehicle look dirty and unkept because of the discoloring, even if it's just been fully cleaned. 

Another interior benefit of window tinting your vehicle includes the reduced glare from either the sun, or lights at night, making it easier and safer to drive.  By reducing this glare and protecting against UV rays, it allows your vehicle to stay cooler in the summer months, saving money from running the air conditioner as high. 

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Here at clean slate auto salon we pride ourselves in only using the best products in the industry.  that's why for your window tinting service here in southern maine, we only trust stek products.

all of our products provide the top protection in the industry and come with a lifetime limited warranty against fading, delamination, bubbling, and cracking.

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